ESRC Seminar Series: Challenges in neighbourhood effects research:
does it really matter where you live and what are the implications for policy?

Between 2009 and 2011 Maarten van Ham, David Manley, Duncan Maclennan, Nick Bailey and Ludi Simpson organised 3 international seminars on neighbourhood effects, funded by an ESRC grant (RES-451-26-0704). The seminars were held at the Universities of St Andrews, Manchester, and Glasgow.

The main objectives of the Seminar Series were to review theories about how neighbourhoods might shape individual lives; to increase our understanding of methods suitable to analyse neighbourhood effects – free of bias – and the limitations of these methods; to identify potential data sources and data needs; to assess the current state of robust evidence on neighbourhood effects; to bring together researchers from diverse fields in neighbourhood research to increase our understanding of how neighbourhoods function, develop, change, and might affect individual lives; and to discuss the implications of the seminar outcomes for policy designed to tackle poverty. The seminars resulted in three edited volumes with Springer publishers.

Neighbourhood Effects Research: New Perspectives

Editors: van Ham, M., Manley, D., Bailey, N., Simpson, L., Maclennan, D. (Eds.)

Understanding Neighbourhood Dynamics. New Insights for Neighbourhood Effects Research

Editors: van Ham, M., Manley, D., Bailey, N., Simpson, L., Maclennan, D. (Eds.)